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Boris Johnson critics warn against rewriting rules to get rid of him... as Labour claims it's in talks with three Tories to defect

28/06/22 00:23

27/06/22 23:32

The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill has been given a second reading despite a lot of Tories deciding to abstain on the vote such as Mrs May who had branded it 'illegal'.

27/06/22 23:05

War in Ukraine has led to massive increases in the cost of living as energy, fuel and food prices all spiral. The UK has contributed £2.8billion in economic, military and humanitarian support.

27/06/22 21:11

The leaders of the G7 mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday as they sat down to lunch, joking about his infamous bare-chested horseback riding photo.

27/06/22 16:33

Boris Johnson today compared repelling Russia's invasion of Ukraine to the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two as he vowed to keep supporting Kyiv 'for as long as it takes'.

27/06/22 16:30

The mother-of-two, 34, took to Instagram today to share several images from her visit to Umusambi Village, a restored wetland area which provides sanctuary for endangered Grey Crowned Cranes.

27/06/22 13:36

Boris Johnson's official spokesman said the situation was being monitored 'very closely' amid early signs that hospitalisations are also starting to rise in the UK.

27/06/22 10:23

The First Minister took a fresh swipe at Boris Johnson as she accused his Government of 'taking a wrecking ball to the idea of the UK as a voluntary partnership of nations'.

27/06/22 09:14

In a withering intervention, the ex-prime minister told MPs the Government's bid to take unilateral action over the Northern Ireland Protocol was illegal.

27/06/22 09:09

Boris Johnson jokingly hailed a 'bromance' after a cuddly meeting with the French president in Bavaria yesterday.

27/06/22 08:33

Red Wall MP Dehenna Davison and former minister Caroline Nokes tweeted to insist they are not planning to jump ship after fevered rumours swept Westminster again.

27/06/22 01:58

Boris Johnson is going to 'delay' a cabinet reshuffle 'until autumn' following the double by-election defeat as Labour insiders claim 'Operation Domino' plan to bring across six Tory MPs is still 'in play'.

27/06/22 01:55

FINA announced that it was changing its policies so that transgender women can only compete in the organisation's female races if they have completed their transition by the age of 12.

27/06/22 01:54

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: The consequences of all this unseemly in-fighting for the Conservatives are set to be considerable - it could lock the Tories out of power and leave Britain with chaos under Labour.

27/06/22 00:38

Downing Street (pictured the PM Boris Johnson) said the Russian leader's decision to fire missiles on the Ukrainian capital had 'stiffened the resolve' of leaders.

26/06/22 22:04

Boris Johnson warned yesterday that there is 'no point' in giving workers bumper pay rises because it would push up prices even further.

26/06/22 21:01

The Prime Minister mingled with the likes of Joe Biden and German chancellor Olaf Scholz in the Bavarian Alps at the summit which featured the fallout from Russian invasion of Ukraine.

26/06/22 20:11

G7 leaders enjoyed a lighthearted moment at the end of day one of their Alpine summit, posing for a photograph at the bench made famous by Barack Obama and Angela Merkel in 2015.

26/06/22 16:55

Carrie Johnson joined Brigitte Macron as the pair dressed casually on a Nordic walk around Lake Ferchensee, near Elmau Castle, in Kruen, Germany, on Sunday.

26/06/22 14:46

Boris Johnson and French president Emmanuel Macron locked into an uncomfortable-looking embrace before their one-on-one meeting in Bavaria.

26/06/22 13:05

The leaders of the G7 mocked Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday as they sat down to lunch, joking about his infamous barechested horseback riding photo.

26/06/22 12:57

Boris Johnson, Canada's Justin Trudeau and European commission president Ursula von der Leyen all mocked the Russian dictator as they sat down for discussions in Bavaria.

26/06/22 12:30

The mother-of-two, 34, wore a white blazer and wide-leg trouser combo from The Deck when appearing alongside her husband in Schloss Elmau, in the Bavarian Alps.

26/06/22 12:09

The British and Canadian prime ministers have both flown from Rwanda's Commonwealth meeting to Germany for the gathering of world leaders - the first since Putin launched his brutal invasion of Ukraine.

26/06/22 11:21

Boris Johnson said lifting the restrictions on cheap supplies from developing countries would not be the 'right way forward'.

26/06/22 08:31

Boris Johnson said there was obvious 'anxiety' about the fallout from trying to defeat Vladimir Putin's aggression.

26/06/22 08:12

Boris Johnson trolled his critics yesterday by making clear he intends to stay in power for another decade despite the latest by-election disasters and dire polls.

26/06/22 01:59

Speaking on the eve of the G7 meeting in Germany, the Prime Minister confirmed the UK would back more World Bank loans to Ukraine later on in the year, bringing its total support up to £1.2 billion.

26/06/22 00:32

MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Boris Johnson says he seeks a third term. At first this sounds like an amazing piece of nerve. But in fact it is a welcome bucket of cold water

26/06/22 00:17

Spurred on by last week's double by-election loss, members of the party's 1922 executive committee, which sets the rules, want a vote on whether to hold another attempt to unseat Boris Johnson.

25/06/22 22:58

Insiders said the invitation list has been drawn up specifically to include MPs who publicly said they would vote for the Prime Minister in a confidence vote.

25/06/22 22:43

Mr Johnson insisted to reporters at a Commonwealth summit in Kigali, Rwanda, that questions of his leadership were 'settled' after he won a vote of confidence earlier this month.

25/06/22 22:29

NIGEL FARAGE: My email inbox is becoming a source of great concern to me. I dedicated nearly a quarter of a century to fighting for Britain's independence from the EU...

25/06/22 10:05

The Prime Minister took responsibility for humbling losses in Tiverton and Wakefield, but is facing fresh concerns over his premiership by his own backbenchers.

25/06/22 01:58

The Home Secretary is being lined up by officials in the Government whips' office - but friends of Ms Patel say the move is unlikely to happen and is a 'backhanded compliment'

25/06/22 01:54

The Prime Minister reportedly wanted to use money from Conservative donor Lord Brownlow to build a luxurious playhouse fitted with bulletproof glass for his son Wilf.

25/06/22 00:20

Boris Johnson has condemned the US Supreme Court's Roe v Wade landmark ruling to scrap the right to abortion in around half of states in America as a 'big step backwards'.

24/06/22 23:00

DANIEL JOHNSON: Of course, the buck stops with the Prime Minister. He has made his share of mistakes. Many have not yet forgiven him for Partygate.

24/06/22 22:31

Peter Kosminsky's new thriller is set in the 2024 election campaign in Britain. A highly sophisticated bug brings chaos to GCHQ and the country is under cyber attack.

24/06/22 22:23

ANDREW NEIL: To lose Red Wall Wakefield in the North to Labour and hitherto safe Tory Tiverton and Honiton in the South West to the Liberals Democrats is the Tories' worst nightmare.

24/06/22 22:02

JASON GROVES: For a PM whose big selling point with colleagues has always been his incredible ability to win elections it was a serious blow. Now his party chairman was calling to resign.

24/06/22 22:00

Senior colleagues including Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab and Home Secretary Priti Patel said the Government needed to 'listen' after Thursday's by-election defeats.

24/06/22 22:00

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: It would be a grave mistake for the Prime Minister to sugar-coat yesterday's humiliating by-election defeats - instead he must redouble efforts to prevent a Hard Left resurgence.

24/06/22 20:53

Several flags made jokes about the Prime Minister's justification for having parties when the UK was under Covid restrictions by declaring the raucous festival a 'work event'.

24/06/22 16:20

In a press conference at the Commonwealth summit, Boris Johnson said he would 'listen and learn' following the disastrous losses in Tiverton and Wakefield.

24/06/22 15:56

Boris Johnson joked it was a 'good day for democracy' as he was grilled on the failure of efforts to replace Baroness Scotland as Commonwealth secretary-general.

24/06/22 15:12

Conservatives fear they are facing a mortal threat in traditional 'Blue Wall' heartlands as well as the so-called Red Wall that gave Boris Johnson his huge 2019 majority.

24/06/22 13:31

The heir to the throne and the Prime Minister are both in Kigali for a Commonwealth summit and spoke privately for 15 minutes after Charles addressed delegates about slavery.

24/06/22 11:58

The Shadow Foreign Secretary insists Labour does not want to scrap Boris Johnson's deal with the EU, but rather make limited changes to try and 'improve' it.

24/06/22 10:54

The Conservatives lost the previously ultra-safe, Brexit-backing seat to the Lib Dems, with Richard Foord winning by more than 6,000 votes in a seat where the party came third in 2019.

24/06/22 10:20

The heir to the throne and the Prime Minister are both in Kigali and met privately over a cup of tea - although the chat is not believed to have included the row over the treatment of asylum seekers.

24/06/22 10:04

Her wardrobe is heavily influenced by royal style, so it was not suprising to see Mrs Johnson opt for an elegant yellow midi dress by Claire Mischevani, at the CHOG opening ceremony.

24/06/22 09:16

Keir Starmer headed to Wakefield just a few hours after the dramatic by-election result was announced, posing with his new MP Simon Lightwood.

24/06/22 08:21

Boris Johnson said he would 'listen' after seismic results in Tiverton and Wakefield, but tried to play down the huge blows as a difficult 'patch' for the government.

24/06/22 07:25

Talks between the RMT Union and rail bosses continue to fail with another strike certain to go ahead tomorrow in six days of carnage for commuters this week.

24/06/22 06:52

Boris Johnson said he would 'listen' after seismic results in Tiverton and Wakefield, but tried to play down the huge blows as a difficult 'patch' for the government.

24/06/22 01:56

The Prime Minister has hit the brakes in the push for green fuel, citing concerns that the drive may contribute to spiralling inflation.

24/06/22 00:56

Ahead of a meeting between Charles and Boris Johnson in Kigali today the backbencher suggested the future king emulate his mother the Queen and keep a dignified silence.

24/06/22 00:43

The multi-millionaire author was tricked by Vovan and Lexus, a comedy duo from Russia who are famous for performing prank phone calls and impersonating famous people.

24/06/22 00:04

Mr Case was responding to a letter from Angela Rayner, in which she challenged him over his involvement in Boris Johnson's alleged efforts to try to secure Mrs Johnson top jobs.

23/06/22 22:00

As votes continued to be counted, the party said they believe they have overturned a 24,000 Tory majority in Tiverton and Honiton to steal a seat they came third in just three years ago.

23/06/22 21:26

The Duchess of Cornwall has been snapped attending a fashion show in Rwanda tonight with her husband Prince Charles.

23/06/22 19:08

It comes as more than 90% of office workers in London were forced to WFH on the first day of rail strikes, as the RMT unleashed more travel chaos across Britain today.

23/06/22 16:12

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson and wife Carrie flew to Rwanda on an official visit amid controversial plans to send migrants to Kigali, the mostly male group were brought into Dover, Kent.

23/06/22 14:06

The Duchess of Cornwall shared a kiss with Carrie Johnson, wife of Prime Minister Boris at an event in Rwanda on Thursday. (right) Earlier, Camilla met with young children at a literary event. (left)

23/06/22 11:58

Ex-England player Gary Lineker smiled for the camera as he walked past the RMT members outside Manchester Piccadilly with a morning coffee from Pret, as Mick Lynch brings chaos to Britain.

23/06/22 11:23

Boris Johnson and Prince Charles were facing a tricky encounter after claims he privately condemned the 'appalling' scheme being pushed by the government.

23/06/22 10:32

More than 90% of office workers in London were forced to WFH on the first day of Mick Lynch's rail strikes, as more than 50,000 RMT members unleash travel chaos across Britain again today.

23/06/22 07:47

Boris Johnson sounded a bullish tone as he attends a Commonwealth summit more 4,000 miles from the UK in Rwanda with wife Carrie.

23/06/22 00:33

The pair are set to meet in the East African country's capital tomorrow for the first time since the Prince's displeasure at the controversial policy was reported.

22/06/22 18:43

The pair will hold talks in capital Kigali as they both attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

22/06/22 15:39

The MPs claimed the group of 20 conditions - such as rabies, scabies and leprosy - could be eliminated within the next 10 years and action would represent 'a great success story for Global Britain'.

22/06/22 15:26

Mick Lynch's militant RMT has declared that tomorrow's rail strikes will go ahead, in a move that condemns millions of commuters, patients and students to misery and force people to WFH.

22/06/22 12:45

At a bruising PMQs, Boris Johnson accused the Labour leader of lacking the 'gumption' to condemn the industrial action crippling the country because unions funded his party.

22/06/22 10:38

Work and Pensions Secretary Therese Coffey defended plans to spend billions on a double-digit boost for retirees next year after the Treasury vowed to reinstate its 'triple lock' pledge.

22/06/22 00:29

Lubov Chernukhin, 49 (pictured leaving Conservatives summer party), successfully bid £30,000 for a wine-tasting tour that was offered as an auction prize at the event on Monday evening

21/06/22 22:07

The Prime Minister told his Cabinet pay restraint was vital in the public sector, despite unions threatening walkouts in schools, hospitals and other services.

21/06/22 21:51

Charles is representing the Queen at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting for the first time since he was chosen to inherit her position as head of the global 'family of nations'.

21/06/22 15:48

Senior Conservatives who have been campaigning in the seats told MailOnline that the mood has been improving steadily since the revolt against Boris Johnson subsided.

21/06/22 13:08

The Treasury confirmed that pensioners and benefit recipients are in line for double-digit rises next year.